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Betsy was my doula for a very fast yet natural labor and I can’t say enough about the love and support I felt! She is such a kind and genuine person you will NOT be disappointed! -Stacy

Betsy Weber is gifted at facilitating the family transition from immediate postpartum mayhem to (relative) normalcy. She is discrete, insightful, compassionate, responsive and hard-working. She focused on us and our home so that we could focus on our baby; what else could one ask for during one of the most important times in a young family’s life? I wholeheartedly recommend her as a superior postpartum doula. 
- Matthew

Our family had such a wonderful experience with Betsy, I don't even know where to begin!  She has such a warm, caring presence; the first time I met her I felt like she was an old friend.  We originally hired her as our birth doula as my partner and I were planning a natural birth.  I knew she would be perfect at helping to create a calm, loving environment for our son to be born into.  However, things didn't go as we planned- our son turned breech and wasn't moving no matter what we tried.  Although this was a disappointment, I knew I still wanted Betsy to be involved in our birth experience.  She made herself available to us as soon as our son was born and and was a HUGE help with breastfeeding (which was more challenging than usual due to my surgery) for the next several hours.  I can't imagine how I would have figured out how to breastfeed our son without her assistance and encouragement.  She spent most of the day with us, and took great care of my needs so my partner and I could just sit and bond with our baby.  She visited us once more during our hospital stay and continued to help take care of our needs as a new family.

Betsy is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate.   We would HIGHLY recommend her doula services to any family seeking a positive birth experience or essential postpartum assistance. -Casie

Betsy was a God send to my husband and I after my daughter was born. I expected to be back on my feet quickly but a surgical birth and surgery 3 weeks later made that impossible. Betsy was a great support for latch problems I was having, and she also helped by doing grocery shopping, some house work, and took me to the store to get baby supplies. She's a wonderful supportive doula, and I'd definitely recommend her to a friend. - Candice

Unless you’ve already had a baby, you have no clue what to expect in the delivery room. It’s chaos. Decisions are made at a rapid-fire pace and if you’re not prepared, you may end up having regrets about how you handled your labor. Betsy was a godsend for me. She not only helped me come up with a birth plan that was good for me, but she helped me be prepared for all of the scenarios that could come into play. I was over-prepared, confident, and it allowed me to be able to focus solely on the task at hand, giving birth to my beautiful baby. Betsy went above and beyond her tasks. She was always there for me, before, during and after. She is not just knowledgeable but also compassionate. She made me feel comfortable from the first day I met her and having her in the delivery room with my husband and I only made the experience easier/better for me. My birth did NOT go as planned, but I was prepared and I have no regrets, all thanks to Betsy. We may have gone different ways in our lives since then, but she’ll always have a special place in my heart.
- Andrea

A few months into my pregnancy, our 4-year-old daughter firmly announced her intention to attend the birth. With the support of our pediatrician and midwives, she began coming to my appointments with me and really got into the experience. The challenge was whether or not the reality of the birthing process was going to be overwhelming for her. If it was, my husband would have to leave with her and I would be left alone for the birth. Betsy was the answer to our dilemma. Her presence allowed my husband and daughter to come and go while I was in labor and guaranteed I was never alone. When our birth plan had to be scrapped, she helped me manage my disappointment with grace and kept me focused on the ultimate goal, which was to deliver a healthy baby. During the most intense parts of labor, she moved deftly to provide comfort measures even before I knew I needed them. At the end of the day, our son was born and it was perfect, despite being not at all like we had planned. Our daughter was a trooper--she cheered me on and stayed put through the whole birth. She got to hold her brother when he was just minutes old, which is such a rare gift for a sibling. My memories of that day are filled with calm and strength and that is in great part to our decision to work with Betsy. Our entire family benefited from Betsy being a part of our son's birth and I would wholeheartedly recommend her as a doula.        -Jennifer

Pregnancy, birth and the postpartum chapters of a woman’s life are ripe with intense emotion, loss of sleep, relentless learning curves and all the best of what life has to offer... but sometimes we get so stuck in a chapter that we can’t see the humor in it, or the grace or the joy, because we are exhausted or missing our old single bodied life.  Enter Betsy Weber: doula extraordinaire!!  We met before the birth of my first child, and I loved her gentle, confident energy from the start.  She was able to shine a light out of the darkness, and provide a safe support for me to walk through some of my most aggravating challenges, like breastfeeding for the first time.  For both my births, Betsy performed placenta encapsulation and was extremely professional whilst satisfying unusual requests, like making a print (she is also an extremely skilled artist); then she made herself useful by anticipating our needs for a hot cooked meal, errand, or assistance walking to and from the bathroom when the doctor ordered it — it was as though she knew our needs before we did, which I believe she did, having a special heart for the postpartum family.  Not everyone is able to be comfortable, to fit well into the space where a baby was just born, but I believe that this is Betsy’s rare talent.  She gave us peace in the eye of the storm! -Caitlin

My experience with Betsy was wonderful ... she came to the house before the baby was born. She wanted to know more about me and what I was looking for during the birth experience. She gave me a foot massage during her first visit to see me! It was fantastic! She went with me to one of my prenatal visits when my husband couldn't go and was able to meet with one of the midwives of the practice. My baby decided to come early so we only had one pre visit and two post visits. She was great when labor started we called her and kept her up to date on what was happening, we decided that she would meet us at the hospital and help me to the OB floor. we saw her again when we got our room. I immediately wanted to be in the bath and she helped me in there. She was so supportive during the labor and birth. she poured water over my back and belly in the tub, held my hand and helped me breath and concentrate during the contraction. There was a point where I wanted drugs and she kept me from getting them which was great. She new I could birth my child with out them. She helped me with breathing techniques and to stay focused when it seemed like forever before my baby was born. She took video and helped me get through the long post-birthing process. I couldn't have done it with out her. I will be forever thankful for her help and support.  - Danielle

Betsy was a fabulous postpartum doula. We had twin boys and a 2 year old and we were nervous about going from a family of three to a family of FIVE!! She helped with the transition immensely. She had flexible hours and was a calming presence when she came. We really enjoyed our hours together and feel very grateful to have worked with her during the boys' first weeks of life!! -Andrea

Betsy was recommended as an placenta encapsulation specialist and she was wonderful!  Betsy encapsulated my placenta following the birth of both of my boys.  She was very responsive and timely in communicating with me, answering all of my questions, and accommodating all of my special requests.  I highly recommend Betsy for any mom interested to having their placenta encapsulated.  -Patty

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