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The Birth Doula
Doulas make everything better! Imagine someone there, every step of the way, helping you navigate pregnancy, birth, and early parenting.  The benefits of doulas have been supported by multiple studies and have even been shown to actually relieve pain in childbirth. My fee is $1,200 for births  (includes two prenatal visits, continuous labor support, and one postpartum visit)   Please email me for availability.
The Postpartum Doula
If you are wondering how you will manage sleepless nights and caring for someone dependent on you for all their needs yet unable to describe them, consider hiring a postpartum doula. When there just isn't enough time in the day to meet all of your basic needs, a second (or third, or fourth!) pair of hands is essential. During a postpartum doula shift I can provide breastfeeding support,  light housekeeping, meal preparation, warm arms to hold your babe as you nap or shower, and conversation with someone not wearing a diaper. $30-50/hour. Email me for availability and package information.   
The Placenta Package
I've been preparing placentas for women since 2012 and was certified in 2015. Women encapsulate their placentas for an easier postpartum. They report elevated moods, regulated hormones, and more energy when they take their capsules. It's also been shown to increase milk supply. I am committed the highest food safety and OSHA standards. For your peace of mind, this is an in-home encapsulation service. The package includes placenta capsules, mother's broth, tincture kit, and a placenta keepsake. $250 
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Childbirth Classes for Everyone.
Come away from these classes with a concrete plan to customize your birthing year. Each class is tailored to each student and supports all birth and feeding goals. They are chock full of evidence based and practical advice to prepare you for the ride of your life. Each class is $75 per couple. Private, in-home sessions are also available. Registration for a class with me includes phone/text/email support from me upon registration until your baby is three months old. You'll both leave feeling calm, confident, and excited! All classes are held at LoMastro Performing Arts Academy in Lake Forest, IL. Next group sessions begin Spring 2019. Email me to reserve your spot. 

Geared towards couples trying to conceive and those in their first trimester. Learn best practices for a healthy pregnancy and how to prepare for an easier labor and birth. Answers questions like: What's going on in there? How can I stop worrying? What should I do to prepare for labor? And so much more.  

Perfect for couples in their second or third trimesters. This is for any type of birth plan: non-medicated, medicated, and cesarean. Learn what your pain management options are, how to tell if you are really in labor, ways to make it easier and shorter, and what exactly is a placenta!

You've heard of a birth plan, but have you heard of a postpartum plan? Prepare your nest for your sweet little one. Includes everything you need to know about what to expect, including detailed plans on how to reduce your risk for postpartum depression and other challenges. We'll also cover breastfeeding basics especially how to make more breast milk. 

The In-Home or Virtual Class
Let the teacher come to you! Let's find a convenient time and I'll create a customized class based on your educational goals, either in your home or video chatting. $200 per three hour class. 
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