Having a baby, made easier.  
Doula Support. Placenta Encapsulation. Infant Massage. I've got you. Scroll Down. 
The Free Consultation
This is a time for us to see if we'd like to work together.  You'll learn about what a doula does and about my services. I'll be happy to share a few resources or local recommendations if you need. I felt so isolated as a new mom on  the North Shore. I will be delighted to point you in the right direction. I'd also like to extend an invitation to families experiencing miscarriage or infant loss. (Fellow doulas: feel free to book with me for one-on-one networking!) Book Now. 
The Birth Doula
Doulas make everything better! Imagine someone there, every step of the way, helping you navigate pregnancy, birth, and early parenting. The benefits of doulas have been supported by multiple studies and have even been shown to relieve pain in childbirth. Birth doula services include at least two prenatal visits, on-call, continuous labor support, and one postpartum visit. My fee is  $1,500. Please book a free consultation to get started. I also provide doula services at no charge to those who qualify through a local non-profit. Email me with your type of insurance and monthly income to see if you qualify. You must live in Lake County for the free program. 
The Remote Doula
My doula practice has changed in many ways since March 2020. My dedication and the support I can provide to new families has not. As your remote doula, we will create a birth plan, go over comfort measures, get you breastfeeding-ready and make a postpartum plan.  I can help connect you with your birth village (think pediatricians or lactation consultants) and be your touch stone as you navigate birthing in a pandemic. This service also includes text and email support during business hours. $500 Please book a free consultation to get started.  
The Placenta Package
I've been preparing placentas since 2012 and was certified in 2015. Women encapsulate their placentas for an easier postpartum. They report elevated moods, regulated hormones, and more energy when they take their capsules. It's also been shown to increase milk supply. I am committed to the highest food safety and OSHA standards. For your peace of mind, this is an in-home encapsulation service. The package includes placenta capsules, mother's broth, tincture kit, and a umbilical cord keepsake. $250 Please email me for availability.
Infant Massage Lessons
Baby massage is a great way to bond with your baby, support good sleep, ease colic or tummy troubles, and is enjoyable for you and your baby. It's been shown to support baby's growth and social development. These two lessons are geared toward babies under one year and are available virtually or in-person with masks. Great for dads and other caregivers, too! You'll receive a baby massage instruction booklet and massage oil.
Book Private Lessons $120 
Book Group (Two Family) Lessons $100